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On July 4th, 1893 Elwood Haynes, inventor of "America's First Car" tested his invention on Pumpkin Vine Pike, a dirt road outside Kokomo. By 1903 the Pike had become a regular endurance route for early Haynes-Apperson models competing in national cross-country road races. In 1910 Kokomo manufacturers Elmer and Edgar Apperson began testing their "Apperson Jack Rabbit" for the first Indianapolis 500.

As the car began making its way throughout the cobblestone streets of Kokomo, local manufacturers such as Kokomo Rubber and Kingston Products, began making parts for the automobile, first for local and regional car makers, and then national corporations like Ford Motor Company.

Soon filling stations, body shops and repair garages appeared on street corners ad did new dealers selling the newest models of motor cars like the Oldsmobile 8, Hudson Terraplane and Desoto cars and GMC trucks.

In the 1930's two growing national automotive part manufacturers, the Delco-Remy Radio Division and the Chrysler Corporation came to Kokomo providing generations of jobs and decades of growth for the community.

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